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350x550-Time-to-Head-For-the-ArkAbundant Living in Harm’s Way.

What it is.  Why it is Both Best and Necessary.  How to Gain It.

Author and Abundant Sustainable Living advocate Sam Townsend’s book describes a system for overcoming this “Perfect Storm” of Threats brought on by today’s hard economic realities.

Globally, nationally, many communities and households are now experiencing a “Perfect Storm” of threats – struggling economies, dangerously gyrating financial and commodity markets, deteriorating physical environments, concerns for the quality, cost, and possible shortages of water, food, healthcare, and other living essentials, security threats of all kinds, and a growing social discontent and disorder around the world. Modern society seems to be on artificial life support.

Time to Head for the Ark explains how people can live well despite the deteriorating economic and social circumstances of a society on life support.

Sam calls it “Abundant Living in Harm’s Way”, ALHWaysTM for short. Prepared ALHWaysTM living helps families, businesses, and communities enjoy abundant sustainable living in the local economies where people actually live. Sam offers good news as a “Recovering Banker” who has found a better way. He explains what Abundant Sustainable Living is, why it’s the best way to live, why it is absolutely necessary, and how to gain and maintain it in its three key aspects: health, wealth management, and sustainable living success in local communities.

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